One Night (pre-production)

GeOne Night FB Profile Picnre: Romantic Comedy Drama

Target audience: Young women 18-40

When British Asian single mum and charity worker Daya, takes a rare night off on her birthday, which just happens to be on Halloween, the stars conspire, and even rarer, she meets world weary Californian rock God Billy Zeegers who’s on tour with his hellraiser band and magic ensues…. However as the hangover sets in, will they be able to overcome the incredible odds against them?

Billy is only in town for 4 days and is married to an A-List movie star. Whilst Daya, whose son Jake is autistic is about to take a hard won job at a specialist centre in Geneva, but when the press get hold of the story of their night together, Daya is suddenly faced with losing everything that she’s worked so hard for, including her son.

Writer/Director Ros says:

I have a unique background that influences the way I perceive the world. I was born in Sri Lanka and adopted when I was one years old by a British dad and a Chinese mum. Living in a rural area of the UK, we were certainly seen as oddballs but inside we felt we belonged together. I’ve therefore always been fascinated by the intangible elements in life that connect people; that bond of recognition that can spark between two strangers, who despite being born thousands of miles apart, instinctively know that they have come home to each other.

The idea for ‘One Night’ came from an interview I heard, in which an ‘A’ list rock star admitted that if he got bored on tour, he’d have his security guard bring a girl up from the after party to his room. This made me think: what if a girl from an extremely different background met a rock star in very bizarre and extreme circumstances and they formed a real connection with each other? So when Daya, the only ‘real’ woman Billy’s met in years enters his life, he seizes the opportunity to reconnect with himself after years lost in rock n roll.” Ros Gihan Williams – Writer / Director One Night

‘One Night’ is ‘Pretty Woman’ with elements of Irish low budget smash,  ‘Once’– with just a touch to stardust magic. ‘One Night’ is a modern day Cinderella story about a young woman who, forced to face her inner turmoil, has to overcome her lack of confidence and realise she deserves to be happy.

Ros Gihan Williams, Writer/Director/Producer. Co-Producer Jane A. Foster.